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Tijeras Naturals Testimonials

I am a cancer survivor. I had been in remission for four years when, unexpectedly, lymphoma set in. My legs were swollen and gray. My system was a mess. My hair was dry and brittle, my skin was cracking, and I looked awful. I have used Tijeras Naturals products since then. Now, I look great! I hope you will try these products, even if you are not a cancer survivor like me. They will make anyone look and feel good.

~ Edison Cooper, Santa Fe NM

Tijeras Organic Alchemy Revitalizer is a fabulous product! It's so difficult to find the right conditioner. Even with my fine, thin, color-treated hair, Revitalizer makes my hair smooth and silky, like no other conditioner I've ever used. With Revitalizer, my hair never looks dry and never gets oily or weighed down by the end of the day. I don't know what the formula contains, but it works beautifully to give me a good hair day every day. Thank you so much for developing this product. It seems it was made just for me!

~ Dottie C.

Wild Primrose Body Lotion is a luscious, luxurious experience!

~ Dr. Peg R.

I have used Tijeras Organic Alchemy Daily Shampoo and Conditioner for more than 10 years. These products leave my hair shiny and manageable, and they are ideal for the harsh Southwestern climate, where I live. I have experimented with less-expensive alternatives, but I always return to Tijeras products because of the great results. People often comment on the great shine in my hair.

~Jacqueline B.

I've seen the effects of chemical overload firsthand. I'm 52 years old, and, for 25 years, I battled open sores that covered my scalp. I tried prescription drugs and natural and homeopathic remedies, but nothing worked.

It was embarrassing to go to a salon to get my hair cut. Most stylists were afraid to touch my head, fearing they would make it worse.

Everything changed for me the day I wandered into the Tijeras Hair Company salon.  For the first time, my scalp did not burn while getting my hair dyed. After three months, my strange, eczema problem vanished.
The remedy that alleviated my scalp's chemical irritation was in the salon's ownTijeras Organic Alchemy organic shampoo.

~ Jan G.

I have been using both Tijeras daily shampoo and conditioner on a consistent basis for the past eight years, since I moved to New Mexico. While I thought the products were designed solely for the Southwestern climate, I recently discovered they work well regardless of where I am. I found that Tijeras products continued their outstanding performance even in the humidity of the United Kingdom. What a treat to discover I can use the products in which I have daily confidence no matter where my travels take me.

~Jan M.

Several years ago, I moved from a humid climate to a dry climate. Although most of my body loved the change, my hair turned to straw. My hair is dry because of climate and coloring. I had read about Tijeras Organic Alchemy products and wanted to try them. I didn't really expect much because I have tried so many hair-care products that did not deliver. Revitalizer transformed my limp locks into real hair again--soft, shiny, and with plenty of body. Although the initial result was impressive, my hair has continued to improve as I use the products regularly. I have tried other hair products--at three times the cost--and they did not come close to the results I achieved with Tijeras products. I am super sensitive to fragrances and chemicals, so Tijeras's unscented products are best for me. A plus is that they contain natural ingredients. With Tijeras' products, I get beautiful hair, and I'm no longer bothered with dandruff.

~Karen R.

I'm 66 years old and wash my hands about 30 times a day. Since using Tijeras lotion, my hands have been softer than ever before! What is in the lotion that makes it so good?

~ Kay O.

I feel good when I use Tijeras products because I know they are made of good ingredients, and they make me feel good. I know I am taking good care of myself and of the world.

~ Marilyn O'L.

Thank you for making my hair shinny and soft. I have been challenged with frizzy, dry hair all my life. I had resorted to using products to add shine to my hair. After changing to your shampoo and conditioner, I no longer needed those extra products to add shine.

~Sheryl B.

I have been using Tijeras hair-care products for more than a year. Until switching to Tijeras products, I had never used the same products consistently. Tijeras Daily Shampoo and Conditioner make my hair so healthy, shiny, and manageable I cannot imagine using anything else. I especially like Revitalizer for weekly use. It keeps my hair in remarkably good condition. Most hair-care products make great promises, but Tijeras hair-care products keep all their promises, and more. If you try these products just once, I know you will never again use anything else!

~ Sheryl W.